Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New Year? Oh Wait It's February

It's the 4th of February and I am only just getting round to writing my first post of 2014, well that is positively terrible but I think we can all agree consistency is not one of my strong points when it comes to blogging.
Now that the apologies are out the way we can get down to the fun stuff (Yay!) and start chatting about the new year. My main objectives, I don't like the term resolutions so I am going with objectives, are simple this year.
1. Live a healthier lifestyle: yip that old one that everyone always says they are going to do but never actually stick to yet I am determined this year! I want to cut down on the amount of fizzy drinks I consume and up the amount of exercise that I do. Simple and achievable!
2. Let loose a bit: I'm quite a boring person and I don't say that to put myself down or to try and make myself sound bad I mainly say it because to be perfectly honest I would be happy just sitting in every night in my jammies scrolling through blogs and youtube planning out what my next beauty purchase will be. This year I'm making more of an effort to go 'outside' and socialise with friends and have a good time!
3. Be who I want to be: I often think we as people conform to what those around us think we should be and this year I want to put a stop to this. I am going to make the effort to always be 100% me!
So guys I know this was a little late but what are your objectives this year? Comment down bellow telling me what they are and how they are going.

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