Tuesday, 30 April 2013

When People Just Don't Get It

Hey everyone, I feel like I should have a nickname for those who read my blog because every single one of you are awesome to me if you take time out your day to listen (well read) my ramblings. I thought a 'Chatty Tuesday' was in order with the topic of "When People Just Don't Get It" in mind.
Have you ever tried explaining something to someone and its like banging your head against a brick wall because they either don't understand or don't get it- yeah me too, all the time! At work, school, home or really any aspects of life you always come across those people who just get to you. I recently had an experience with this and their response was "Well its my opinion" which is fair enough each to their own but when a topic is close to your heart its hard to listen to someone completely disagree with you.
However I would like to offer some advice that I try and talk myself through each time someone says something that I find offensive or just plain silly.

'Take a deep breath, don't get angry, stay calm, and give an educated answer in return'
I find this works, if someone tries to out smart you and you reply with an educated answer they've failed what they set out to achieve.
If they are trying to exasperate you, by staying calm you have won.
If you don't get angry you can't be branded as "over the top" or "overreacting" so you don't look silly, the other person does.
And by taking a deep breath you are able to do all of the above.
Anyways HAPPY TUESDAY everyone hope your day has been amazing and I hope the rest of your week is too.
Catchya Later DaisyAndMints x

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Favourite Nail Varnishes For Spring

Essie "Chubby Cheeks"
This is the most beautiful orangey colour which leans towards coral in some lights. I love wearing this on my nails and I would say looks equally amazing if you have short nails. This retails at £7.99 which I would personally say is pretty steep but I haven't found a dupe any cheaper (please comment if you know of one).

Barry M "Berry Ice Cream"
Last year I went out on a search for a lilac nail colour that would suffice my need for purple on my nails and I came across this little treasure. At £2.99 I think its a complete bargain and would definitely buy other colours in this range. The formula goes on well and I personally don't find it goes on streaky so that's a win for me.

Barry M "Shocking Pink"
It certainly is that! A bright fuchsia pink always has featured in my spring nail colour and this year will be no exception. As I have previously said I love the Barry M formulas so when I spotted this had to have it.

 Maybelline "Mint For Life"
I had been lusting after Essie 'mint candy apple' for a ridiculous amount of time and was on the verge of shelling out £7.99 when this little beauty caught my eye. A minty bluish, green I couldn't resist and since it was half the price of the Essie one I could see I was on to a winner. It lasts on my nails and it hasn't chipped in my experience.

Essie "472"
When I bought this t then got it home only to see that there wasn't a name on it only a code number and I couldn't remember the name so sad face. Anyways its so amazing I can forgive it not having its name on it. Its that colour which just makes your nails look healthy and fresh 'My nails but better' describes it perfectly. I would really recommend this if you don't like wearing bright or coloured nail varnishes all the time.

So guys that was my favourite nail varnishes to wear in spring please leave comments saying what your favourite ones are, or your favourite brands because I always love trying new things (and buying them).
Catchya Later DaisyAndMints, x

*Disclaimer- I purchased all products mentioned above with my own money and all opinions are my own. :)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

DIY Photo Frame Gift

So, it’s been a while since my last blog post so I thought I would kick things back off with a DIY project.  Whether you are a teenager who is short on cash or just someone who wants to save some money on gifts for various occasions this might be the thing for you.

What you will need;
A multiple photo frame
A pair of scissors
Photo paper
A printer with coloured ink
This project can really be done on the cheap. The photo frame I am using  cost £5.99 from B&M’s, the photo paper I managed to get from poundland for £1 (surprise I know) and I already had my printer so that cost me nothing. A top tip is that if you don’t have a printer you can still do this project as places such as asda and tesco have facilities that you can pay to have pictures printed.
Basically all you have to do is collect the photos you want to put in your photo frame on your computer then format them into the right size. Then simply print off the pictures and insert them into the frame (you might have to trim a few if your photo frame has weird shapes like mine does) then viola a beautiful DIY photo project ready to be given as a gift. It’s thoughtful and handmade which I think a lot of people will appreciate over something that maybe cost a lot of money but didn’t necessarily require any thought.
If you don’t have a printer and you can’t afford to shell out on getting the photos printed then what you could do is write memories, song lyrics or letters on to some paper and put these into the photo frame instead. It’s still really personal and original and I think anyone would appreciate the fact you had taken the time and effort to give them something that is completely personal to them.
Catchya later, DaisyAndMints. x 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

This Or That Tag!

Blush or bronzer- Errrr this is kind of difficult because I love to contour my face with bronzer but I look awfully washed out without blush. Right I’m going to go for Blush. 
Lip gloss or lipstick- Lipstick without a doubt, lip gloss is so sticky.
Eye liner or mascara- Mascara, I do love my mascara.
Foundation or concealer- Concealer.
Neutral or color eye shadow- Neutral, I would be lost without my naked and naked 2 pallets (yes I am that much of a neutral shadow freak that I have both).
Pressed or loose eye shadows- Pressed.
Brushes or sponges- Brushes, even if they are a pain to clean.

OPI or china glaze- I haven’t really used either of them, but on the odd occasion I’ve borrowed one of the other I found that on my nails OPI chipped less.
Long or short- I love long nails but mine are always short.
Acrylic or natural- Natural.
Brights or darks- Brights (especially mint :P)
Flower or no flower- No flower

Perfume or body splash- Perfume, I absolutely adore Marc Jacobs “Daisy” perfume it smells gorgeous.
Lotion or body butter- Body butter
Body wash or soap- Body wash, I’m in love with the Lush “Snowfairy” body wash.
Lush or other bath company- Lush

Jeans or sweat pants- Jeans
Long sleeve of short- Short
Dresses or skirts- Dresses
Stripes or plaid- Plaid
Flip flops or sandals- Sandals
Scarves or hats- Hats, especially bobble hats they are the best kind of hats.
Studs or dangly earrings- Studs
Necklaces or bracelets- Neck laces
Heels or flats- Flats
Cowboy boots or riding boots- Riding boots
Jacket or hoodie- Hoodie
Newlook or Topshop- Newlook

Curly or straight- I have to say wavy even though it isn’t an option, sorry guys.
Bun or ponytail- Pony tail
Bobby pins or butterfly clips- Bobby pins, more commonly known as kirby grips in Britain
Hair spray or gel- Hairspray
Long or short- Long, personally been growing my hair for about 2 years
Light or dark- I think both look great.
Side sweep bangs or full bangs- Side swept (although I say it’s a fringe).
Up or down- Down

Rain or shine- Shine, though that’s not often where I live.
Summer or winter- Hmmmm summer.
Fall or spring- Fall
Chocolate or vanilla- Vanilla  

Friday, 12 April 2013

Everyday Makeup

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Shade No.51 (£10.99 at Superdrug)
Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer Shade 010 Ivory (£5.99 at Superdrug)
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer Shade Fair (£4.19 at Superdrug)
Nars Blusher Shade Deep Throat (£21.50 at House of Fraser)
Solait Maxi Bronzer Shade Golden Glow (£4.99 at Superdrug)
Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet (£36 at House of Fraser). I generally use the shades; Bootcall, Snakebite, Foxy and Tease.
Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara Shade Black (£10.99 at Superdrug usually but is on offer for £7.99 currently)
Clinque Eye Shadow Shade Bewitched (It’s quite old, but it’s just a medium matte brown)
MUA Clear Mascara (£1 at Superdrug)


Looking at this list and the prices (I searched them 11/04/13 on the websites so are correct as far as I am aware) I realise how expensive makeup can be! However you could make some modifications to this list that would reduce the price drastically E.g. replace the Urban Decay and Nars products with dupes. It also doesn’t help that because I am so pale I generally have to pay at the higher end of the spectrum for “high street” makeup. Anyways I hope you all enjoyed ‘My Everyday Makeup’ post and let me know in the comments if you think I should do these sorts of posts for things like ‘Quick work Makeup’ or ‘Night Out Makeup’.

Catcha Later, DaisyAndMints. x

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lip Balms

As a sufferer of very dry, chapped lips come rain or shine, spring or autumn, summer or winter I feel that I can offer some advice on different lip balms and how well they did their job.

Eos lip balm; although pretty hard to find where I live I managed to track down this sought after object. The good points are that it has pretty packaging, which you may say if a fickle reason to like this sphere of lip balm but it means that I never lose it so I think it should be taken as an advantage. Other good points are; it is fairly moisturising and doesn’t leave my lips looking very glossy which is good as I don’t really like that look on me. Disadvantages however are that it’s not that great for me personally in the winter as my lips get incredibly dry and the eos lip balm does not offer enough moisture for this particular season.

Carmex; I did find that this helped during those cold winter months and the fact that it was in a tube meant that it was handy to carry around with me so I could keep applying it throughout the day. However personally I didn’t like the smell of this product or the fact that it seemed to sting when I applied it (it may just be me and my super sensitive lips) but it did do its job and my lips seemed to stay reasonably chap free when using this.

Palmers coco butter lip balm; this in its small tube with its heavenly smell gave me some hope that I would not have dry lips forever and it did fulfil its purpose to a certain extent. It was very moisturising and did keep my lips from becoming overly chapped but after a while the sent became over powering, this did not retract from its capabilities of being a great lip balm but did really put me off using it.

Vaseline; good old Vaseline its what we’re told to use by our grandparents, parents, really anyone, personally though I do not think it does anything to my chapped lips. I mean it did protect them from being burned by the wind but I found the little tin unpractical for taking places meaning I couldn’t apply it as often as I wished I could. Therefore the reason I properly found it ineffective was rather that I didn’t reapply it enough rather than it wasn’t good at its job.

Burt’s Bees lip balm; even though I only purchased this a few days ago, I am seeing a vast improvement in the condition of my lips. During a busy day I often don’t have time or I forget to reapply my lip balm every hour or so (this is probably the main root cause of my dry lips) but after only being applied once this morning about 10 hours later my lips do not feel overly chapped. They are still dry and chapped but are nowhere near as bad as they could be if I had not applied this lip balm this morning. I must mention that I have been applying this lip balm religiously all of yesterday so this would factor into its ability to still leave my lips feeling moisturised after 10 hours.

Catcha later, DaisyAndMints. X

*Disclaimer- I purchased all above products with my own money and all opinions are my own.

Monday, 8 April 2013

5 Things That are Mint/Mint Related Which I Adore

Soft mints; now although these are not that beautiful colour they most certainly taste amazing. I could eat the all day long every day.

Nail varnish; I am yet to find that amazing, show stopping, fantastic mint nail varnish however places such as Boots, Superdrug even some supermarkets stock many different shades of mint-ness which can satisfy my want for mint on my nails.

Revlon just kissable lip stains; these nifty lip stain things have the most divine smell of peppermint to them which along with the colour selection that they are available in makes them too irresistible.

Statement jewellery; well not alllllll statement jewellery is mint but I have a couple pieces that are and I have to say they are truly beautiful especially when they are mint and gold.

Mint coloured jeans; coloured jeans are a great way to get a bit of spring into your wardrobe, really any pastel coloured jeans is a great way to get all spring-like.

Catcha later, DaisyAndMints. x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

New Beginings

I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a while now and have finally decided to take the plunge (or the click of a mouse) and create one. Although daunting it feels quite liberating to have the freedom to mould this vast space into anything, so for now I shall let it not have a specific category. Although I do love all things vintage, girly, beautiful and sparkly so it may just be destined to take that route.