Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Collective Haul: New look, Primark, Boots & Bodycare

Hey Guys! Me again, after not posting for so long I felt like I had to make it up to my blog (hope you all aren't getting sick of me). Today I went on a little shopping trip with my Mum which I actually really enjoyed (not that I don't normally but we were looking for bits of school uniform too which can sometimes lead to arguments over whether that school skirt is really too short!). So we picked up a couple bits and pieces for me which I actually needed (and some I didn't but hey ho that's the beauty of shopping). I can remember the exact order that we went to the shops in but I shall start with new look.
I originally went into new look hoping to find another pair of jeans because I absolutely adore the 'super soft' skinny jeans they sell however I couldn't find any in my size which was a bit of a shame but not all was lost as I then found these little beauties!
I actually found these in the generation 915 section which is their 'kids' section but I think they do up to a size 7 so most would be able to find their size there. I have a pair of ankle boots similar already from new look but the sole has worn down so much it is at major risk of coming away all together. These were on £17.99 (even less with student discount) which I think is a bargain as I've seen similar in paces like topshop for over £30!
Next stop was Primark which I love to pieces and I actually managed to pick up a fair few things there for next to nothing. Again I bought some shoes!
These are so incredibly soft and comfortable it is unreal! So I actually bought a second pair in another colour (bad bad bad I know).
I had been in Clarks earlier and was about to spend £14.99 on a pair of shoes identical to the other two pairs I bought, only these ones were in mint. All I can say is I am so glad they didn't have my size! Because both pairs of the gorgeous shoes out of Primark only cost £4 each!
After my awesome shoe find I went off to see if I could find some PJ bottoms as its been so warm here wearing fleecy ones hasn't really been practical.
 I found these beautifully patterned PJ bottoms which I was most impressed with. Both pairs are light and will keep me cool which is a must in this summer heat.
These ones were only £5 which I was pretty impressed with.
And then I saw these ones which were £2 yes guys you read right £2 I could not believe it!
Next was boots where I got some 'Soap and Glory' mini products which are just adorable and pretty cheap as they were on a 3 for 2 offer which meant they didn't break the bank at all 3 for £5! I love soap and glory (you can read my review-ish thing about peaches and clean HERE) and I think when traveling there is nothing better than so cute mini products.
 And finally from Bodycare I got some small bottles of shampoo & conditioner (250ml but the packaging was compact) and they were 99p each. Now I actually had to hunt high and low for small bottles of shampoo and conditioner because I didn't want minis (they were too small) but I didn't want massive big bottles taking up tonnes of room in my suitcase. And a travel sized batiste (the tropical one smells amazing!) which was £1.59 I think. So all in all I felt it was a pretty successful shopping trip. I actually picked up a few other bits and pieces but I'm saving them to show you at a later date for a special reason.
I hope to carry on posting this regularly so Catchya Later DaisyAndMints x


  1. I love them brown boots you got & the PJ's :) I love getting PJ's from Primark, they are so cheap and always look lovely!

    I hope that soap and glory offer stays till next week when i go to the UK, so I can get something :))

    1. I think it will its the summer promotion they're doing :) if you'd like any recommendations let me know :)x

  2. Oh wow those little boots are amazing... I love them! Fab find honey xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. Hi, those floral pjs are lovely! Also I think I've finally managed to set a follow button on my blog so here is the notification you asked for when I had made one!;) xx

  4. lovely haul. the print on your pjs are super cute. x

  5. you got some lovely things! the boots are lovely. following <3

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin'

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