Monday, 22 July 2013

First Impressions: Eyeko 'Skinny Mini Liquid Eyeliner'

Hey Guys! Me again only this time something a bit different. I've never done a first impressions post before so I thought why not give it a go so I shall cut the babbling and get to the point.
 I was having a bit of a nosey in my local supermarket when I spotted glamour magazine now I have to say I'm a bit more of an ELLE girl but when I saw what the free gift was I just had to buy it (that's me a sucker for free gifts). I'd heard quite a bit of hype over the eyeko products via youtube an so forth and I thought for £3.80 (price of the magazine) I might as well see what all the fuss was about.
It is in a pen form which is pretty handy as it means if your in a rush you don't need to waste time re-dipping into the bottle (not that I ever do liquid liner in a rush I am no where near that skilled).
It also is extremely fine which I love! All too often the tip is way to thick and I'm left with an extremely thick line which makes me look quite 'bold' when I was more going for 'understated' and 'classic'.
It is a very pigmented and intense black which is great as you don't have to keep going over and over a line to make it stand out. It also went on quite smoothly without dragging the skin too much.

The liner applied (with flash)
The liner applied (without flash)
As you can see I don't have the 'ideal' eye shape to wear liquid liner however I do feel this liner does help make it a little more feasible for me to sport the cat eyed flick.
Very fine tip so you can get an accurate and neat flick
Goes on fairly smoothly
Does seem to be holding up well even when my eyes have been watering
Doesn't break the bank (I believe it retails at £8 which isn't much more than say L'Oreal)
It can feel slightly 'sticky' and 'stiff' when on the eyes
The lid that you have to pull off actually made the pen tip come off which wasn't great (and messy)
So overall not a bad first impression! I will definitely reach for this product next time I want a winged eye look.
Catchya Later DaisyAndMints x

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