Tuesday, 20 August 2013

End of Summer Nails

Hey Guys! Its been ages since I've posted which is terrible (sorry!). However I thought you guys might enjoy another "manicure" post. A while back I got this little set of nail polish and nail beads (is that what you call them) as a freebie in a magazine and up until today I had only used the nail varnish but with it coming to the end of summer I thought "hey why not! lets give this a try".

 It was fairly easy to achieve this nail look as I painted all my nails with the nail varnish, which I believe to be called 'Cookies and Cream'. I absolutely adore this colour its like a mauve nude colour which I personally think is beautiful. Anyways it took about 3 coats to get an opaque colour which isn't too great however its saving grace is that it takes no time what so ever to dry.  
Next, on my ring finger, while the nail varnish was still fairly wet I shook some of the beads onto the wet nail varnish. The beads should then stick to the polish and stay in place. I did find the best way to ensure they didn't budge was to paint another layer of polish over the beads (using a clear one would be best) and then give the nails a good 15 or so minutes to dry completely. 
So there you have it fancy looking nails fit for any season! To finish this post with a bit of good news, I have a give away coming up in the next couple of weeks. It wont be a massive one but I feel that since managing to get to 50 followers (YAY! and thankyou) that you guys deserved it so stay tuned for that!
Catchya Later DaisyAndMints x


  1. That looks lovely! I'm always interested in new nail designs :)


    1. im very much a beginner at any sort of nail art but it looked like it would be fun to try out :)