Sunday, 6 October 2013

First Impression: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24h

 Hey Guys! Today I bring you a first impressions post... again. I really hope I'm not boring you guys with these posts. Anyways I know I'm a bit behind the times and have only just jumped on the "colour tattoo band wagon" but at least I got there eventually right?
I can't get over how adorable that packaging is!
 I thought I would be a bit more adventurous with my colour choice than I usually am and as much as I wanted to pick up 'on and on bronze' I decided that I would buy 'Metallic Pomegranate' and make this colour work for me.
The cute name
Because these have been out for a while I'm sure will have heard a million times how cute the packaging is and how well they blend out but I will verify it one more time they are pretty awesome. What I love most about these bad boys is that they can go on in a very sheer wash of colour or can be quite bold and make an impact. And I like having that choice.
Beautiful colour isn't it?
On to the colour well I think we can all agree its fabulous! It is a very vampy fall colour and I love it. It's a nice change to move away from the common neutrals and try something a bit more daring as well as it being very complementary on blue eyes. All in all I would say a successful purchase. What do you guys think?
Catchya Later DaisyAndMints x


  1. I adore this colour, I wear it quite a lot along with the on and on bronze shade. And I have to agree, the packaging is adorable and dinky!

    Kathryn x

    1. at least now I have an excuse to buy more because the colours will go! and dinky is the exact word to use when describing the packaging :)
      Daisy x

  2. hello dear, wonderful blog and great post :) I follow you with pleasure on gfc ;) if you wanna pass me by!

    Kiss Tea

  3. I've been wanting to try that color so bad! it looks so pretty!!

    lovely blog!!


    1. I really do like it and wish that I had more opportunity to wear it! But all too often I find myself reverting back to the neutral browns and so on :)