Monday, 2 December 2013

Winterlicious TAG

Hey Guys! So its that wonderful time of the year again, CHRISTMAS TIME. As you can all probably tell I'm just the tiniest bit excited for the wonderful Christmas season and have lots of lovely blog posts coming up to help us all get in the Christmas mood. Now if you don't celebrate Christmas then I apologies now that my blog will be taken over by the Christmas spirit for the next month.
To get us started is the winterlicious TAG, I know I know that technically it has been winter for the last month and a bit but to me it doesn't feel fully out of Autumn until the advent calendars are broken out!
1) Favourite Winter Nail Varnish?
Well at the moment I am in love with anything in the shade berry! And it just so happened that Topshop have a range of matte nail colours, yes beauties matte, which I am totally in love with. I have the shade 'Bad Orchid' (love the name!) and it is a very deep winey berry shade.
2) Favourite Winter Lip Product?
Well that would have to be my 'Burts Bees Mango Lip balm' my lips would be a dry flaky mess without that life saves of a product. Ohhh and it tastes really good too! On a side note the 'Lush Lip Scrub' is also a saviour at this time of year!
3) Most Worn Winter Clothing Piece?
Well that would have to be my good old brown boots. I am very much a boot person, at really anytime of the year but especially during the winter months and my favourite pair at the moment are just plain old brown leather with a pretty sturdy sole. I got them for £17 at TK Maxx (RRP £40ish) and I think they were actually meant to be mens boots but hey with super skinny jeans they just look edgy.
4) Most Worn Winter Accessory?
I'm not really one for accessorising but I have been really liking rings at the moment: Forever21, Newlook, Topshop and even Primark have some lovely rings in at the moment for really good prices.
5) Favourite Winter Sent/Candle?
I love love love love the Yankee candle in the sent Macintosh Spice! It is like the perfect balance between sweet apple and spicy cinnamon!
6) Favourite Winter Beverage?
I'm not really one for hot drinks but I guess Mulled Wine would count for this (non alcoholic of course). But my Starbucks order never changes all year round, it will always be 'A soya, coffee frapachino with hazelnut syrup and no whip'.
7) All Time Favourite Christmas Movie?
ELF!!!!! and if you disagree sorry but you're wrong nothing can beat watching buddy the elf and his shenanigans!

8) Favourite Christmas Song?
'Fairytale of New York' by The Pogues Feat. Kristy MacCol. It's actually what I have playing in the background while writing this post, but who doesn't love a song that has "You scumbag, you maggot" in the lyrics? Ahhhh Christmas time.
9) Favourite Holiday Food/Treat?
Roast Potatoes! I know not exactly seasonal... really but its something my mum makes from scratch at Christmas time and there is no better taste that hot roast potatoes cooked in goose fat (sorry to any vegetarians out there).
10) Favourite Christmas Decoration?
We have a little wooden nativity scene which I love at Christmas, although we keep it out all year long it is extra special during this season.
11) What's at the Top of your Christmas List?
Belive it or not, I haven't really thought about a Christmas list. I'm much more about buying other people presents that they will love rather than asking for them for myself. But a few things I would rather like include some more 'Daisy' perfume and maybe a couple 'Sigma' brushes.
12) What are your Plans for the Holidays this Year?
With the family! How I spend it every year, but I also look forward to the Christmas parties & nights out, going to Christmas markets with friends, wrapping presents and every other tradition I can think of!
Taken off of Google.
Keep your eye out for other Christmas posts that will be heading your way!
Catchya Laters DaisyAndMints x


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