Tuesday, 30 April 2013

When People Just Don't Get It

Hey everyone, I feel like I should have a nickname for those who read my blog because every single one of you are awesome to me if you take time out your day to listen (well read) my ramblings. I thought a 'Chatty Tuesday' was in order with the topic of "When People Just Don't Get It" in mind.
Have you ever tried explaining something to someone and its like banging your head against a brick wall because they either don't understand or don't get it- yeah me too, all the time! At work, school, home or really any aspects of life you always come across those people who just get to you. I recently had an experience with this and their response was "Well its my opinion" which is fair enough each to their own but when a topic is close to your heart its hard to listen to someone completely disagree with you.
However I would like to offer some advice that I try and talk myself through each time someone says something that I find offensive or just plain silly.

'Take a deep breath, don't get angry, stay calm, and give an educated answer in return'
I find this works, if someone tries to out smart you and you reply with an educated answer they've failed what they set out to achieve.
If they are trying to exasperate you, by staying calm you have won.
If you don't get angry you can't be branded as "over the top" or "overreacting" so you don't look silly, the other person does.
And by taking a deep breath you are able to do all of the above.
Anyways HAPPY TUESDAY everyone hope your day has been amazing and I hope the rest of your week is too.
Catchya Later DaisyAndMints x


  1. Great advice. I absolutely know the feeling!