Monday, 8 April 2013

5 Things That are Mint/Mint Related Which I Adore

Soft mints; now although these are not that beautiful colour they most certainly taste amazing. I could eat the all day long every day.

Nail varnish; I am yet to find that amazing, show stopping, fantastic mint nail varnish however places such as Boots, Superdrug even some supermarkets stock many different shades of mint-ness which can satisfy my want for mint on my nails.

Revlon just kissable lip stains; these nifty lip stain things have the most divine smell of peppermint to them which along with the colour selection that they are available in makes them too irresistible.

Statement jewellery; well not alllllll statement jewellery is mint but I have a couple pieces that are and I have to say they are truly beautiful especially when they are mint and gold.

Mint coloured jeans; coloured jeans are a great way to get a bit of spring into your wardrobe, really any pastel coloured jeans is a great way to get all spring-like.

Catcha later, DaisyAndMints. x


  1. Haha we have a running joke in the office as if we buy i pack of soft mints it doesn't last longer than 5 mins as as soon as we finish one the next one goes in.... why are they so addictive.
    I also love the colour mint....Lovely post hun.

    I have followed you


    1. Thank you so much. Right after I took the picture of the soft mints they disappeared pretty quickly.

  2. I love anything mint. The colour is just gorgeous and soft mints are the best mints ever! So addictive!

    Lauren x